TU SABOR, Spanish for ‘your flavor’, is an Amsterdam based coffee brand. The idea for the name stems from the notion that, the brand will always have a wide range of different types of coffee to offer their customers. So there will be a flavor for everyone. Hence the name, ‘your flavor’.

TASTE. CARE. SHARE. Are the three pillars that create the brand identity of TU SABOR:

  • TASTE , defines the rich flavor of the roasted coffee that the brand produces of which they also make their cold brew.
  • CARE, stands for the caring nature of the brand. One important organizational goal is to do business in a sustainable and ethical manner. Especially towards the coffee farmers and the consumer.
  • SHARE, signifies the urgency of the brand to wide spread their love for the high quality coffee they produce.

I worked at TU SABOR as a freelance creative director. It was my responsibility to visualize the brand identity in design, photography, illustration and video. Due to the Covid-19 all of the operations have come to a standstill. Underneath are a few brand elements that portrait the look and feel of the brand.