sQuare is a creative hub that focuses on the further development of MBO (EQF4) graduated entrepreneurial creatives. The organisation operates as a community with members and affiliated creatives.  The main objective of the community is to facilitate the members with opportunities to create work, to generate work and to (further) develop skills. At sQuare I support the managing director on an operational, tactical and strategic level.

The programming of the educational events that sQuare offers the members, is among my responsibilities. I lead a team of community members in creating the annual program. We program master classes, talks and meetups with other communities on a monthly basis.

In addition, I’ve received the assignment from the managing director to attract a renown lifestyle brand for the members to work for. To create the opportunity for acquisition, I decided to make a showreel for sQuare and to initiate a social awareness campaign, Re-shape. Re-shape was creative directed by myself and executed in collaboration with a few community members I selected. With Re-shape finished I have a campaign to sell. The deal I am looking to close is one where the brand I am selling the campaign to, takes a few sQuare members on board for the execution of the assets.

Finally, I have commenced the research phase for a strategic plan which is aiming at an increase in acquisition for sQuare.

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As humans, we are responsible for the world in which we live. Each generation in our era plays a direct and indirect role, in the current and future state of the world. The older generations are responsible for the transfer of knowledge to the newer generations. In this way, the torch that forms our world, society and thus the status quo is constantly being transferred. The flaws in our current status quo is what triggered the need to create a social campaign that challenges it. This need is specifically targeted at the flawed western ideals regarding beauty and sexuality. The focus of this campaign lays on the discrimination of Islamic female attire, corporate inequality and homosexual bias. The goal of this campaign is to inspire future generations to more contemporary believes, which ultimately evokes change.

Reshape is a social campaign in which sustainability is central. In particular, visual sustainability and the use of sustainable material. Visual sustainability is achieved by making intercultural connections, that emphasize what connects us as humans.  By making the connection visual, the goal is to create a climate in which people feel safe enough to be honest with each other. And in addition, a climate in which people put effort into understanding one another. The line of sustainability continues in the use of material, to create the assets of the campaign. Everything, from fashion styling to art, is made out of recycled or upcycled material.

Reshape is an adaptable social campaign. Meaning the impact doesn’t change when the social topics within the campaign are altered. If this campaign is something your brand is interested in, let’s have coffee and discuss the details.

Credits: Mickey Cohen ©